Get Real & Give Back With the ‘Real World: San Diego’ Cast

Photo: Real World San Diego Cast - from left to right- Ashley, Alex, Priscilla, Sam, Zach, Frank, Nate (MTV)

Producers are calling the latest season of Real World the most socially conscious cast since Real World: Brooklyn. Guess what that means? There’ll be plenty of action! (Social action, but other action too, we’re sure…) Get to know the seven strangers picked to live in sunny San Diego + the causes they’re bringing into their pretty freakin’ fabulous beachy abode.

If you’re passionate about HIV/AIDS activism: meet Alex

Alex started the Kijana Project, an organization that helps children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS. She is passionate about helping young children in Africa who have found themselves in this unfortunate situation. She was raised in Zimbabwe so she has seen it firsthand. While serving as President of the organization, Kijana educated hundreds of thousands of youth about the realities of HIV/AIDS, and sent food, clothing, food supplies and scholarships to children in Zimbabwe, Uganda, Namibia, South Africa and Kenya. She was featured in Teen People as one of 20 “teens who will change the world,” Elle Girl, Essence Magazines and on CNN.  >> Support Alex’s Kijana Project.

If you support healthy body image standards: meet Ashley

Ashley is passionate about sports and fitness. As a model, she doesn’t adhere to the industry standards of “skinny.” She believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body. While there isn’t a particular organization Ashley aligns herself with, WeStopHate and Love Is Louder both empower young people to love themselves and appreciate our differences. >> Support WeStopHate + Love Is Louder.

If you’re passionate about equality and civil rights: meet Frank

Frank is passionate about providing support and resources for LGBT youth, and creating equal rights and representation for marginalized individuals–whether it be LGBT or immigrant Americans. He supports the Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to gay youth suicide prevention. Fun fact–he was in the process of applying there when submitting his Real World application! >> Join Frank and support Trevor Project.

If you’re passionate about suicide prevention: meet Nate

Nate started The Living Memoir, a web based project that raises money for youth suicide prevention, after losing a friend in high school. Additionally, he is very passionate about education, and is especially critical of standardized testing and how that is not the tell-all of a student’s ability. He was pulled out of class for loudly protesting against the standardized test being given that day. >> Support Nate’s The Living Memoir.

If you’re vocal and into volunteerism: meet Priscilla

Priscilla loves volunteering. She has participated in fundraising walks for breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, crones disease, colitis, and cancer–Relay for Life being her favorite event. She volunteers at homeless shelters and foster homes, and her family has hosted six foreign exchange students. She is quite vocal and opposed to the way livestock are abused and treated with hormones when supplied to some fast food chains–she’s boycotted KFC since she was 10! >> Join Priscilla and support Relay For Life.

If you’re passionate about LGBT rights: meet Sam

Sam is a self-described “stud lesbian.” She volunteers with the Girl Scouts and, like Priscilla, participates in Relay for Life. She is also passionate about equal rights for the LGBT community, especially when it comes to marriage and the military. She is very comfortable with her sexuality and is quite proud. She has recently made a splash in the lesbian community by performing as $hawn Jade, her drag king alter-ego. >> Join Sam and support LGBT rights.

If you’re into sports, health and fitness: meet Zach

Zach is an athlete who takes care of his buff bod and is dedicated to helping others do the same, as a manager at a performance training center. He volunteered for the Special Olympics at Northern Michigan University while studying there. >> Join Zach and support the Special Olympics.

Tune in to the series premiere of Real World: San Diego this Wednesday (September 28) at 10/9c on MTV. Get to know more about the cast and their causes by taking action below.

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Get Real with the RWSD Cast

Get Real with the RWSD Cast

Meet the cast, watch the trailer, and learn more about their reasons behind taking action with cast bios on the show page.