Get Physical With The New Season Of ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’

Photo: The remaining four crews--Phunk Phenomenon, ReQuest, Street Kingdom, I aM mE--on America

Phunk Phenomenon, ReQuest, Electric Gentlemen, Street Kingdom, I aM mE–welcome to the stage.

America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6 kicked off last night with a high-energy explosion of talent from all five dance crews.  Lil Mama and JC Chasez are joined by D-Trix at the judges table this year, and each week a group will get to choose a song by a designated artist. (This time, it was all about Lil Wayne.) Unfortunately, one crew had to go, but not before sparking our interest in busting a move for the betterment of society–or maybe just for the fun of it. Here’s why we think dance is way more than a spectator sport:

Get Physical

Challenge your local school administration to incorporate a dance class into the P.E. curriculum or take a class that’s already offered in your community. You don’t have to find a professional studio; ask your gym about hip-hop, African dance, Zumba, jazz and belly dance classes.

Dance for Good

Once you get your rhythm, make a commitment to go nonstop in the name of a good cause. Sign up for one of these Zumbathon charity events benefiting the American Heart Association or start your own fundraising dance marathon like those crazy kids at UCLA did.


Give local kids the perfect backdrop for their own dance-offs. Ask your school or local community center or city parks office for permission to paint a mural in a rec area that’s waiting to double as an outdoor studio.

Go For It

If you’re serious about dance and ready to go next level, check out Young Arts, a program supported by the National Endowment for the Arts that enrolls exceptionally talented 17- and 18-year-old performers and artists to train for professional development.

take action

Apply to Young Arts

Apply to Young Arts

Do you think you have what it takes to go next level in the performance world? Young Arts helps to nurture top talent. Click here for info.

take action

Support Young Arts

Support Young Arts

If you aren't the stage-bound type, you can still donate to Young Arts to help support rising talent make their way to the top.