Get Enrolled Tomorrow, On National Youth Enrollment Day!

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Mark yo’ calendars — February 15th is National Youth Enrollment Day! If you’re not already enrolled for health insurance, this is the time to do it!

We’ve had the situation where one-quarter of young adults don’t have health insurance, but now everyone has the opportunity to get insurance. Sometimes young people have avoided signing up for  health insurance because of the costs (and I feel you, completely) and because they feel they don’t need it. You might be surprised about who ends up needing health care, because none of us can predict the future. And now that insurance prices have dropped so much, the numbers won’t be all intimidating.

There’s a special part of the Get Covered website for young people on National Youth Enrollment Day. They’ve got it all set for you to fill out. There are also events going on around the nation, at colleges, clinics, churches and other places, to help you get enrolled if you have any Q’s. Check out the list of events to see if there’s one in your area. If you go, you might even learn about special discounts.

If you’re already enrolled and are knowledgeable about the subject of health insurance, you might also be able to help out at one of these events. Another way to help is to Tweet about the day or share it on social media. Or you can just tell people! Let’s see how many young people we can get enrolled so that everyone across the country can get the healthcare they need.


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