Gabi Fresh Makes Unrealistic Beauty Standards Bow Down

Gabi Fresh, MTV’s very first Twitter Jockey, is done with our society’s unrealistic beauty standards. And she’s created an awesome new vid to Beyoncé’s “***Flawless” so she can show that everyone should be able to love their body, and that pretty should never have to hurt.

“As a fat woman of color, I’m often treated differently than my thin, white peers,” Gabi wrote on her site. “By brands, by fellow bloggers, by the media… I get passed over for things I’m more than qualified for. I get stares and cold shoulders at fashion events. I hear whispers. I get hate mail and trolling comments from people who call me disgusting and say I shouldn’t be allowed in public.”

+ Watch #everyBODYisflawless

She knew something had to be done, and after totally relating to her idol Beyoncé’s song “***Flawless,” she knew what she had to do. She got together with plus-size models Nadia Aboulhosn and Tess Munster to make a gorg and powerful vid everyone ought to check out.

“I wanted to show that 1) we are not competing to be the Top Dog in our niche — we are supportive of each other and are all working toward the same goal: body positivity and inclusivity,” Gabi explained. “And 2) you don’t have to be a certain size to claim your flawlessness. Fat is not a flaw. This video is dedicated to the mainstream media, to the fashion industry, to internet bullies, and to anyone else who thinks it’s their right to try to make us feel less than because of their insecurities. #everyBODYisflawless.”

Photo: (Gabi Fresh)

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