5 Things Frank Ocean Could Be Thinkin Bout

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We’re still all up ons Frank Ocean’s haunting, goose-bumps inducing performance at the VMAs for “Thinking Bout You.” After his VMA debut, sales for his caught-up-on-a-crush anthem jumped by 373%! Oh and sales for his album, Channel Orange, were up by 60%! We’re also pretty excited to see him sing his heart out on the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” tomorrow. All this good news got us thinking ‘bout what we wish Frank was thinking ‘bout. Capiche?! If you’re cool enough to kick it prosocial-style, you’ll be down with our list of worthy causes that we’re putting on the breakout R&B star’s radar!

+ Odd Future Wolf Gang SAVE Them All

Mr. Ocean is a part of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, the hip-hop collective run by controversial frontman Tyler, The Creator — and as the unoffish Veep of this rap-pack, he should get his #trending crew considering a less violent mission. Instead of killing them all, how ‘bout saving them? The wolves, of course. These majestic predators lost their spot on the endangered animal list last year and now some Western states are letting trigger-happy hunters gun down these four-legged families for furry wall flair. Tyler Posey would not be pleased. That’s why we want Frank to give a howl by hooking up with The Defenders of Wildlife’s campaign to stop these whack wolf hunts.

+ Cajun Compassion

Imagine you’re all moved into your new dorm and ready to get your collegiate swerve on, when flood waters suddenly put your future underwater. That’s exactly what went down when Frank was a freshman at University of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina hit his hometown back in 2005. Lucky for us, the aspiring artist kept his dreams afloat and fled to a different ocean. In honor of his journey from NOLA to LA, we think Frank should show some love to the Musicians’ Village, a special project of the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity. The village provides a community for NOLA’s generations of musicians.

+ Ocean Opens Up Even More

Okay, we know Frank’s already marinated on this issue A LOT judging by the brave and thoughtful statement he released in July revealing that his first love was a man (“Thinkin Bout You” is rumored to be about that special someone). As a young gun in the macho hip-hop world, this was a majorly bold move. We’d love for Frank to consider releasing his very own It Gets Better video letting bullied LGBT youth know that even if you’re feeling like fertilizer right now, the “Sweet Life” is right around the corner!

+ Swim Good. Drown Less.

We don’t think this was exactly what Frank had in mind when he wrote “Swim Good” — but we instantly thought about Cullen Jones, the African-American swimmer who sprinted to 2 silver medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Crazily, Cullen almost drowned when he was 5 — which inspired him to become the pool shark he is today. Now he’s using his Olympic status to reduce the alarming number of drowning deaths among minority children. He’s an ambassador for the national USA Swimming Foundation’s Make a Splash Initiative. We don’t know what Frank’s freestyle looks like, but we doubt he can keep up with the Jones — but heeeey, he can totes volunteer with Cullen!

+ Super Rich Kids = SuperPACs.

The 99% and the 1% are a big debate topic in this year’s presidential election. Occupy Wall Street put the economic gap on the country’s mental map and now the candidates are constantly hyping their plans to save the American Dream. Maybe that’s why Frank was inspired to write “Super Rich Kids?” We honestly gots no idea but if he’s using up songwriter brainwaves on this issue, we hope it means he’ll flex his power at the polls this November!

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Save America's Wolves

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