[VIDEO] Flo Rida, Nick Cannon, Harry Shum Jr + More Celebs Talk About Their First Time!

Photo: (Getty)

Nick Cannon in a gym. Sophia Bush in a swing state. Flo Rida in high school. It’s not what you think — get your minds outta the gutter and into the government! Obviously, those rad celebs plus “Community’s” Joel McHale and Glee’s” Harry Wu, Jr. were just telling me about their special voting memories while stepping out at last night’s VH1 2012 Do Something Awards. DUH.

For serious, who wouldn’t be hot for politics after that? I was especially excited by the election enthusiasm from the stars of MTV’s “Awkward.” (Season 2 is going down!), “The Inbetweeners” (premiered last night!), and “Underemployed” (out on October 16th!). These Millennials wanna do it their way — and if all 45 million of us get together to demand candidate cheerleaders at debates and more voting flair, then we can make it happen!

So whether you’re gonna do it in the morning, sneak in a quickie at lunch, go for some afternoon delight or make a dinner date with democracy — you gotta get your vote on this November 6! Just remember to protect yourself. It’s a Presidential election year, people! ‘Bout to get hot and heavy. And you don’t wanna be one of those dorkballs who has nothing to say when all your buds start talking about how they totally did it this year, riiiight?!

Voting is just the beginning of doing something bigger than yourself — we even pulled together some star-studded suggestions if you’re stumped on how to get started. Hopefully you got lucky last night and caught all the action inspiration at #DSAwards 2012 — congrats to winners like Mariah Carey + Nick Cannon (power couple!), Lea Michelle + Cory Monteith (“Glee” power couple wins individual awards!), will.i.am, Ben Affleck and Kristen Bell. Now don’t forget to be a winner — and DO IT, come November 6!

You have the power to decide the outcome of the 2012 Election. Register to vote with our super easy registration tool. So, no excuses. vote like a champ.