Fix America With a….Baby?!

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Are you freaked about paying for college and bummed about the crappy job market? We don’t blame ya — youth employment is at a 60-year low and the student loan debt is piling up to nearly $1 trillion. Waaah waaah.

But don’t just pass the buck and hope someone else solves this mess — pass the baby instead and join #FixYoungAmerica in the fight for an economy that works for YOU!

Okay, let us explain what the heck we’re talking about. #FixYoungAmerica (FYA) is a movement that aims to end youth unemployment and put young Americans back to work by creating a new convo that’s about solutions and not mud-slinging (ahem, DC).

So how are they gonna do it? This crew of switched-on orgs led by the Young Entrepreneur Council are spreading their good jobs gospel through an eye-opening book featuring the most brillz experts talking about the power of youth entrepreneurship — basically a guide to gettin’ America’s groove back, Millennial-style. FYA is also hitting the road with a 10-city bus tour (in partnership with Young Invincibles), hosting a crowdfunding campaign, and kicking off a mainstream media campaign.

But the most viral part of the campaign to kick youth unemployment to the curb wisely uses a super powerful interwebz meme: the talking baby. You can “pass the baby” — over 10,000 people already have — by thinking up your own solution to the employment hot mess, popping it in the diapered dude’s thought bubble, and then sending it on a cyber awareness adventure to all your fam and friends.

Plus, now you can sign on to your account and earn credits every time you pass the baby. This darling DIY infant even has its own tool belt and iPhone — take that E-trade baby!

And FYA is less than $6000 away from its goal of $30,000 on their Indiegogo crowdfunding page, so if you can spare some change then throw down a donation to help them take this solution show on the road and get their betterment books in the hands of every politician, college president and applicable leader in America! Here are some of the outside-the-bipartisan-box ideas they wanna get out there:

+Student loan forgiveness for young entrepreneurs
+Passing a crowdfunding bill
+Supporting franchise ownership for veterans & youth
+Ways to create new “Silicon Valleys” throughout the U.S.
+Best practices for colleges to graduate more entrepreneurs

We’ve seen what plugged-in, amped-up youth are capable of: Obama 2008, Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, SOPA & PIPA protests, KONY 2012. So flex your economic power and take Action to #FixYoungAmerica!

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Help Spread FYA

Help Spread FYA

Join the #FixYoungAmerica campaign.