First Shailene, Now Dakota…Are All The Actresses Turning Green?

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It’s not easy being green, but it looks like several Hollywood actresses have cornered the market anyway. It doesn’t matter if they’re up-and-comers or established pros in the business; the ladies below have taken time to support the causes that give back to Mother Earth.

+ Shailene Woodley


She’s been making the press rounds for months promoting the spring blockbuster “Divergent” and this week’s “The Fault in Our Stars,” and every stop of the way, Woodley has spoken out about her love of nature. If she’s not talking about how her “religion is the Earth,” she’s proving that she’s eco-friendly in almost all aspects of her life. Shai’s proving to be Hollywood’s new version of the “girl to watch,” and we love that she’s flaunting her environmentalism for the world to see!

+ Dakota Fanning

Chanel Cruise 2014/2015 Collection - Front Row

In the forthcoming Night Moves, Dakota Fanning stars as Dena, described as “an activist trust-fund baby turned environmental activist who bankrolls a dangerous mission to destroy a hydroelectric dam with a boat… full of explosives.” She’s quick to dismiss her character’s label as an “eco-terrorist,” but Fanning defends the motivations behind the actions. In fact, she believes we “need to think about the future generations who will have to deal with” how we treat our planet. We’re not sure what fate awaits Fanning’s Night Moves, but we know the planet is in good hands where Dakota’s concerned!

+ Jessica Alba

Hammer Museum K.A.M.P. (Kids' Art Museum Project) 2014

Like most new moms, Jessica Alba poured over the research concerning what products to buy for her baby. She soon grew frustrated, however, that she couldn’t find eco-friendly, affordable products to use in her home. She was so passionate about using products that are safe for the environment that she ended up founding her own company to solve her problems! Just browse the company’s health and sustainability goals, and you’ll see that The Honest Company is honestly trying to make a difference. We love that Alba created an entrepreneurial solution that not only solved her problem but is also helping to make the world a better place!

+ Sophia Bush

2014 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals

When she’s not building schools in other countries, Sophia Bush is splitting her time between being a badass cop on TV and an equally badass activist IRL. Her latest jaunt into the eco-friendly world involves playing Guest Editor for The Chalkboard Mag, a magazine devoted to “all things wellness.” What’s that include, you ask? Head over to their site, and you’ll get everything from natural beauty ideas to tips on “toxin-free living.” If you’re a fan of the fashionista but worried about how eco-friendly living might cramp your style, look no further. Bush even makes time to support sustainable fashion causes.

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