The Most Feminist Video Noms From The 2014 VMAs


Today’s VMAs has a Best Female Video category, but that’s not going to be the only place where women rule. Four out of five of the Video of the Year noms are women, Beyoncé is going to get the Vanguard Award (and maybe everything else), and a number of vids highlight powerful women. Let’s take a look.

+ Pretty Hurts

+ Watch Pretty Hurts

Beyoncé takes on the culture of shame and the idea that women have to look a certain way to be beautiful. It’s time to heal our souls, not fixate on what we think is wrong with our bodies.

+ Dirty Laundry

+ Watch Dirty Laundry

Kelly Rowland’s powerful video is all about overcoming domestic violence. 1 in 3 women worldwide is either physically or sexually assaulted, and Kelly wants to help give women the power to stand up for themselves and get understanding and help.

+ Dark Horse

+ Watch Dark Horse

No one messes with Katy-patra! Katy Perry plays a magical, all-powerful woman in this video, a far cry from videos in which women are just kept in the background.

+ Miss Movin On

+ Watch Miss Movin On

You don’t need a guy to be happy, and Fifth Harmony shows that in “Miss Movin On.” It includes the lyrics, “Now I’m no longer afraid” and “I’m finding who I am and who I am from here on out is gonna be enough.”

+ All of Me

+ Watch All of Me

Vocal feminist John Legend shows that men can (and ought to) empower women, too. His song “All of Me” is about a strong woman and how much he loves her and her strength.

Photo: (Vevo)

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We Are the XX

We Are the XX

We are the XX is redefining feminism, and yeah, it turns out guys can be feminists too!