Grandmother Inspires Photo Series Celebrating Fashionable Hearing Aids + Walkers

Elana Langer knows that sometimes life requires certain tools: hearing aids, walkers, canes, etc. She’s also aware of the fact that those tools often sacrifice what’s considered fashionable for what’s functional. In a new photo series, Langer sets out to change that.

Imagine your grandmother walking around with a hearing aid that looks more like an earring that belonged on the Parisian catwalks. What if your grandfather’s walker had spikes on it? In Langer’s mind, that’s not something that should be reserved for a futuristic society that has learned how to marry passion and purpose. In her photo series Tools of Life, Langer makes that a reality.

Photographer Hanna Agar snapped the gorgeous photos, and she was just as excited about the idea as Langer.

“It felt like a celebration of life and a reminder of what we lack. I love creating photographs that have a deeper message than just being a pretty picture, which was why this project really spoke to me.”

So where did Langer get the ideas for these high-fashion tools? Her grandmother, of course. She told BuzzFeed:

“I don’t remember a time when her hair and nails weren’t done and she wasn’t dressed impeccably. In the last year of her life she, like many others in her condition, lost the ability to walk without support. And although she had a strong will to live, the idea of using a walker in public seemed unbearable to her. The force of her vanity had come up against the limit of the body.”

Langer added that we all need to have “fun within these places that cause social discomfort.”

Although the duo isn’t selling the tools they featured in the photos, we’re still hoping some designers take the hint. Maybe you’ll see canes this time next New York Fashion Week.

Photo: (Hanna Agar)

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