[VIDEO] Usher, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber Strut In Fashion’s Night Out Charity Tees

Photo: (Fashion's Night Out)

Yep, it’s that time of the year again! NYC Fashion Week is right around the corner (September 6 to be exact), and Usher, Taylor Swift, Victoria Beckham, Darren Criss and Justin Bieber are already prepping. The team of all-stars are featured in Fashion’s Night Out‘s latest PSA!

Fashion Week in NYC attracts people from all over the world — and every corner of the entertainment world — all in the name of fashion! In the PSA, the five celebs (among countless others!) express their excitement (Justin’s excited for the models) and are rocking a special tee that benefits the New York City AIDS Fund! Or, with school around the corner, you can carry your books in style and feel good about the purchase by going for one of their totes instead of the shirt.

The energy from Fashion Week is so exciting, from the runway shows to the surprise celeb appearances — and we don’t mind if the excitement starts up a bit early! We’ve decided we’re cat-walking to our next meeting.


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