Farrah Abraham Talks About ‘Teen Mom’s Farewell + Her Future

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Teen Mom” may have wrapped up it’s final season ever on Tuesday (insert tearful Emoji) but don’t you worry we caught up with Farrah Abraham to chat about her last season, future, and even gettin’ a bit political! The show may be a big chapter in Farrah’s past, but I’m preeeetty sure we’ll be seeing much more of her ahead.

With a YouTube channel she is going to stay in touch with fans and even revealed she may even be uploading some new election videos to help speak up! She also hopes to get a reality TV show about her future career in food! Okay, okay, without further ado here is the interview with the one and only Farrah Abraham.

ACT: Lets start off obviously by discussing the finale! What was it like ending the show for good this season?

FARRAH: I think it was a great thing that we ended where we did. I was tearing up Tuesday night because there were so many great moments that were shown and I just think that it’s very wonderful to have it all on TV and have the opportunity to do this. I also love that fans get to see where our relationships leave off — with our parents, significant others, etc.  I think our relationships is a very big thing to end on, since it has been what the last four years were all about.

ACT: The highly anticipated two-part reunion is next week. What has been the biggest lesson you have learned this season? 

FARRAH: The biggest lesson I learned from my own situation is by moving away and going to Florida. My relationship with my parents improved — showing my independency helped mend our relationship.

ACT: Fans want to know what is next for you? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

FARRAH: Alright, what is next for myself? Well, I think Sophia and I will open up our own restaurant, which would be called F&S (Farrah and Sophia, of course). And now that I’m a New York Times bestselling author, which I am so thankful for, I will continue writing books — most likely a children’s book and self-help book for teens. I also want to get more involved with my YouTube channel and hopefully, one day land a spin-off show about my food career.

ACT: You recently released a few singles for fans to enjoy. Is music something you want to pursue now that “Teen Mom” is over?

FARRAH: It is more of a side project. I just did this last soundtrack for my book, and I thought it was very fun. Music is a really hard industry for myself and there are so many ideas of what music should sound like, so for me I just was playing around with music and people took it WAY too serious.

ACT: The election is right around the corner. Are you going to vote and if so, why?

FARRAH: I am an independent myself, and will choose the best candidate for the economy. I definitely want to vote. Some issues I am passionate about besides the economy are marriage equality, pollution and food safety. I will definitely research these issues before I vote.

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