[VIDEO] Why Vote? Far East Movement Makes The Strongest Case Yet

Photo: (Getty)

The boys of Far East Movement sure know how to make people dance, but today the “Like A G6” hit-makers wanna make you do something else: vote. We recently sat down with half of the dynamic foursome at ArjanWrites.com’s ARTIST #TALK in NYC to discuss the importance of rockin’ the vote!

+ Watch Why Far East Movement Wants You To Vote Today

Did you know that Far East Movement attended both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this year, and their song “For All” was actually inspired by Obama? And they have a special message for all of their loyal fans: “To our fans specifically that work so hard to promote the music. That feel that every Tweet makes a difference. Now apply that to your freedoms, your rights, your future in the country that you live in.” If you’ve got time to Tweet your fave Far East Movement lyrics, you’ve got time to vote! So what are ya waiting for?! Rock it!