[POLL] 4 Fan-Made Obama + Romney Campaign Videos: Which Is Your Fave?

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Election day is 14 days away! To set the tone for one of the most important days of the year, we’ve scoured the Internet for a handful of campaign songs crafted by young supporters. From a guy with a xylophone to a group of kids who are too young to vote but still wanna make a difference, rock out to your fave on your way to the polling station!

+ Cristal Lucas “Take Us Forward (Obama 2012)”

Although, like many of us, Cristal Lucas couldn’t afford to donate to her favorite candidate’s campaign, she wanted to do her part to get him into the Oval Office. She explains in her video description: “As a full time MFA student at New York University, I am unable to contribute financially to the campaign. However, as an artist, inspired by our President’s vision, I created a song to help support his mission.”

+ Lukerative “Mitt Romney Anthem”

Mitt Romney Mitt-Mitt-Mitt Romney! “Our country needs restoration,” Lukerative said in an interview with CNN. “I’m very interested in being pivotal in expressing it in a way the youth will find interesting.”

+ Limitless Five “Do It Again”

These boys are too cute! “Even though we’re not old enough to vote yet, we decided that we want to make a big impact on the 2012 election,” they say the intro to their song — inspired by the Curtis Mayfield’s classic “Do it Again.” “We actually care about where our country is heading because it’s our future at stake.”

+ Greg Ah Sue “The Mitt Romney Song”

Whether you’re voting Republican or not, there’s no denying Mitt Romney’s perfect hair. Greg Ah Sue scores points for mentioning Romney’s youthful locks as well as for playing the trumpet AND the xylophone. I haven’t seen one of those things since the ‘90s!

POLL: Which fan-made campaign video was your favorite?

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