Music Video Playlist: Help End Violence Against Women In 16 Days With USAID

Photo: Guatemalan women at a demonstration to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. (Getty)

From November 25 (International End Violence Against Women Day) through December 10 (International Human Rights Day), USAID is asking the international community for 16 days of activism against gender-based violence.

Gender-based violence is any sort of physical, sexual, or psychological abuse of a woman because of her gender, and 1 in 3 women will experience it in her lifetime. Here are a few other facts about gender-based violence, provided by the World Health Organization:

  • Gender-based violence encompasses a lot of things — from mutilation and forced marriage, to domestic abuse and pressured or forced sex.
  • Women are often abused by people they know, including family, friends, and significant others.
  • In many cultures, gender-based violence stems from the traditional belief that women are inferior to men.
  • Between 15% of women in Japan and 71% of women in Ethiopia report physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime.
  • Gender-based violence affects those experiencing it and those who witness it. Children who grow up in violent families may experience a number of emotional and behavioral problems.

These are few of our fave songs and videos that speak out against gender-based violence:

+ Madonna “Oh Father”

+ Christina Aguilera “Oh Mother”

+ Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige “Runaway Love”

+ Lyfe Jennings “S.E.X.”

So how can you take part in USAID’s 16 days of activism? The first step is learning to recognize gender-based violence. It comes in all forms and locations, and no physical, emotional, or sexual abuse should go overlooked. Secondly — speak out against it! Write a Tweet, share an article, and definitely don’t let anything happen to you or somebody you know without seeking help.

Take action below to learn more and take action on a global-level with USAID.

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Test Your Knowledge

Test Your Knowledge

How much do you reaaally know about gender-based violence? Test your knowledge!