Emma Watson, James Franco, Tyra And Others Hitting The Books With You This Fall

Photo: Emma Watson, James Franco, Tyra Banks (Getty Images)

Though hitting the books this fall may not seem glamorous, attending college is turning out to be a star-studded affair. Famous actors and musicians make a lot of money, but many are seeing how the benefits of higher education will pay off in its own right.

+ Emma Watson
Brown University, Literature

The actress who has become dear to us as Harry Potter‘s Hermione Granger has re-entered Brown University to finish her degree in English literature. Rumor had it that she left Brown because of bullying by peers, but she claims it was simply because of her busy schedule. Ms. Watson will continue her studies at Oxford this year and finish off her fourth year back in the states at Brown.

+ James Franco
Yale UniversityEnglish Ph.D.

After an honors degree in English from UCLA, Franco earned his MFA in writing from Columbia University while taking film classes at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He’s now back to the books, getting his Ph.D. from Yale.

+ Chelsea Clinton
Columbia University, Public Health and Management

After a history degree from Stanford and a master’s in international relations from the University of Oxford, the former First Daughter is earning her third degree from Columbia University.

+ Tyra Banks
Harvard Business School, Owner/President Management Program

The America’s Top Model creator and former Victoria’s Secret angel has brains as well as beauty. She’s already expanded her personal fame into an entire brand, but has started attending Harvard’s program in order to better her empire and offer her best to the women she helps through her work.

+ Wyclef Jean
Berklee College, Music

The Yele Haiti founder decided his music experience would only get him so far. After he started working on film scores, the musician enrolled in Berklee College in Boston to increase his music theory chops.

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You Can Go!

You Can Go!

Look into what option is best for you in continuing your education.

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Time to get ready for fall. Head over to Get Schooled for tips on making this year count in a big way.