Sweet Tweet: Ellen DeGeneres, Kerry Washington, CeeLo Green & More Rock Out On Earth Day

We hope your Earth Day was fantastic and bursting with Earth love! Celebs were def excited about the day and ways we can give back to the planet, so we pulled some of our fave Tweets for ya!

Ellen DeGeneres sounds extra-exuberant about ways she can avoid using plastic bags:

Shalyah Evans of “Girl Code” gave a glimpse of how beautiful Earth is. All the more incentive for us to protect it!

Kat Dennings wanted to bring about a discussion on what we can do to better take care of the Earth:

Meanwhile, Kerry Washington is all about NASA and the amazing images it is able to take. Check this out!

CeeLo Green also got in on the Earth Day action, and saw it as a great opportunity to mention his environmental foundation, GreenHouse Foundation:

Because sometimes there can be confusion on what’s recyclable and what’s not (and how we go about recycling), Alyssa Milano shared this helpful guide from Smithsonian:

Mandy Moore Tweeted:

She finished her thought, “planet in better shape for future generations. Let’s start showing Mother Earth a little more kindness, no? #weareallinthistogether”.

What did you do on Earth Day? Even though yesterday was the official celebration, basically every day is Earth Day, because every day we live on this planet and are able to help it. For some tips on how you can make a diff, check out MTV Act’s “5 Ways You Can Make A Difference On Earth Day (Or Better Yet, Every Day).” Like Mandy said, we’re in this together!

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GreenHouse Foundation

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