Act-Off! Which Super Bowl QB are you rooting for: Eli Manning or Tom Brady?

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Tom Brady’s got Gisele in his corner, while Eli Manning’s got Nicki Minaj by his side. But which quarterback will reign victorious come Super Bowl XLVI on February 5th?! It’s up to you to weigh in. No pressure, their do-gooder stats OFF the field should help ya make a solid prediction. It’s game-time!

+Eli Manning
Like Brady, Manning’s focused on one main goal — supporting the people of Mississippi. The quarterback’s career at Ole Miss is one of legend — setting or tying 45 career records, not to mention winning the Maxwell Award in his senior year. So to give back, Manning has set on a mission to raise $2.5 million for the state’s Eli Manning Children’s Clinic, which will provide pediatric services at the Blair E. Batson’s Hospital for Children. And just this year, Manning and his wife Abby were included in “Giving Back 30” – a list of the Top 30 most philanthropic celebs – for their donation of $1 million to Ole Miss’ Opportunity scholarship “which allows prospective students with an adjusted gross family income at or below $30k to attend the Univ. of Mississippi.” On a separate note, Manning also showed off his fashion side (take that Gisele!), designing two Citizen watches last year for March of Dimes. Score!

+Tom Brady
The Patriots quarterback is beloved by New England fans for good reason. He’s got the arm of a hero, a wife from the gods, and a big big heart of gold. When not throwing Hail Marys, Brady’s dedicated much of his personal life to bettering Best Buddies International, an organization that promotes one-on-one friendships and integrated opportunities for the developmentally disabled. For the last two years, he’s hosted a football tourney with his Patriots teammates and other celebrities to raise cash for Best Buddies, and even donated $24,000 of his own money to build BB further! In 2009, Brady joined the organization’s bike challenge, alongside “new buddies,” to raise awareness for BB and its 350,000 worldwide volunteers and participants. Touchdown.

So which QB’s gonna take the Super Bowl title? Take action below!