5 Ways You Can Make A Difference On Earth Day (Or Better Yet, Every Day).

Happy Earth Day 2014! Today’s a day to celebrate how much we love the earth, but it’s also a great time to really rev up the ways we take care of the planet. Check out below for some easy and impactful ways to take action.

+ Recycle and Buy Recycled Products

Recycling is a big key to things. You can even earn money for recycling things like cans and bottles! Some things might seem a little harder to recycle, but there are often opportunities if you check it out — like how DoSomething.org has a campaign going on now to recycle clothes.

+ Cut Back

Try to cut back on things where you can. For instance, try to walk, carpool or use public transportation instead of driving everywhere. Turn lights off when you’re done with them. Instead of getting plastic bags each time you go to the store, buy cloth bags and take them along each time.

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+ Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

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The Keystone XL Pipeline would be a SERIOUS threat to the environment and all of our well-being by pumping tons of dirty tar sands for 900 miles. One of the biggest environmental goals right now is to make sure it doesn’t happen, and you can join Jared Leto, Sierra Club and millions of others in the campaign against the pipeline.

+ Get Political

Politics matter! Some politicians are ignoring climate change because they’re getting money from oil companies who want to cover up the damage being done to the earth. Write or tweet your elected officials to let them know you care about the earth. When it’s election time, research who’s running. And if you’re 18 or up, make sure you VOOOOTE!

+ Support Orgs

There are a number of orgs just as passionate about the earth as you are. Check out places like 350.org, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the National Resources Defense Council, the Nature Conservancy and the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Feel free to get involved with one or more, because they’d love to have you!

take action



Get involved with 350.org to protect the earth and work against climate change.

take action

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation has specific ways you can help the earth!