Do Something Scavenger Hunt to Hit Your Community July 11

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In a world…that needs a hand…100,000 people have 11 days — to save the world. [Best read in your grittiest MovieFone announcer voice.] Are you up for the challenge?

Springboarding off everyone’s favorite elementary school birthday party activity, is staging a massive nationwide scavenger hunt that sends cues and clues via text message to participants who like a little adventure with their social change. Think “The Amazing Race” meets community service with a touch of tech thrown in for good measure. Challenges target the most prominent issues affecting young people today: education, the environment, bullying and violence, animal welfare and disaster relief among them.

Alison Brie and Danny Pudi, stars of NBC’s show “Community,” ham it up for the cameras in this Do Something Scavenger Hunt PSA. (“ will text you daily challenges that you can do alone or with your–community! A-HA-HA-HA-HAAA!”) Just text the word “HUNT” to 30644 to sync up with thousands of competitors across the country who are out to strike metaphorical gold.

The highlights:

  • In keeping with Do Something’s “young people rock” philosophy, only the 25 and under set are eligible for prizes. Sorry, old people.
  • Participants who complete a challenge each day (with photos as proof) can enter to win prizes, including $500 scholarships and laptop computers.
  • The grand prize taker (and his/her team of up to 11) will head to L.A. for the 2011 Do Something Awards, televised on VH1.

TIP: The more people on the team, the more points you can rack up, the more chances you have to win. You’ve got three weeks left to pick your power players and get to the starting line. [Cue dramatic voice here.] Do you have what it takes…to change the world?

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Register for the Hunt

Register for the Hunt

Sign up now as an individual or create a team to get in on it together. Grand prize winners will head to L.A. for the Do Something Awards.