#DNC2012: The Podium, The Performers, The Pretty Girls, The President + More!

Photo: (Getty)

This was a BIG week for Americuh. Not only did the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards go down last night and NYC Fashion week get kicked off, but the Democratic National Convention “blue” through the South with 3 days of left-wing revelry in the Charlotte, NC. I was on hand in my hometown to catch all the political partying and celeb sightings (will.i.am! Eva Longoria! Gabe Saporta! Salt-n-Pepa! Olivia Wilde! Kal Penn!), so I’ma breakdown the convention chaos for y’all. Ready for the highlights??

+ DNC turns it up!

When I say #DNC2012 was like a festival, I am not even playing, y’all. For real, there were hot ticket performances going down EVERYWHERE and I basically had musical FOMO all week. The night that Obama accepted the nomination, his opening acts were none other than R&B Queen Mary J. Blige and mega band Foo Fighters. Mary did an inspiring cover of U2’s “One” before making it a “Family Affair.” (Dems don’t need no haters apparently.) And you can guess who Dave Grohl was talking about when he sang “there goes my herooooo.” Flo Rida, Pitbull, The Roots, Adrian Grenier’s band The Honey Brothers, & more all hopped on stages to get the convention crunk. I have to say — the most magical thing that happened all week was watching Salt-n-Pepa push it real good for the vote during the BET party. Old school never gets old. #Truth

+ Podium All-Stars

The main stage of Time Warner Arena was a friggin’ soundbyte showdown, y’all. On opening night, First Lady and Mom-in-Chief Michelle Obama rocked the mic right and reminded the world that the First Hubby seriously is the luckiest man on the planet. Former President Bill Clinton straight schooled America in Speechifying 101 with his 48-minute primetime defense of the current Prez — and the place went NUTS when POTUS walked onstage at the end. Barry and Bubba hugging it out for America!

Other highlights included Kal Penn dropping a four-letter word (VOTE!), Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm revving up the crowd during her rowdy auto industry talk, Senator John Kerry slinging zingers at Mitt, and Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer getting an entire arena to chant “That dog don’t hunt!” Whoever told you politics is boring has NEVER been to a convention.

+ Politicos PARTY HARD!

As a convention virgin, I didn’t really believe all the DNC veterans when they said that this gigantic political pep rally was really less about the convention floor and WAY more about the dance floor. Who woulda thought that a week at DNC would wear me out more than Lollapalooza?! No joke, these Dems went HARD in the muthaeffin’ blue paint when it came to the post-speech late-night scene. Basically, as soon as the headlining luminary was done pontificating, the arena would empty and everyone would beeline it for a velvet rope…or rather, an intern with an iPad. Hitting up as many sponsored soirees with open bars and finger foods becomes a competition — peeps were running from venue to venue collecting donkey swag and celeb sightings. “I saw Kal Penn at the Veep’s bash!” “Welllll, I totally ran into Olivia Wilde at the Google party.” “Whatever, Adrian Grenier definitely bumped into me at the IMPACT thing.” Yeah, it’s like THAT.

I literally hopped off the plane and went straight to the StartUp RockOn & Tumblr party featuring a sweat-drippin’, feet-achin’ and booty-shakin’ set from The Roots (see above) and an after-after-party with Questlove spinning. Then there was Ashley Judd welcoming me to the dance floor at the Planned Parenthood party, watching synchronized swimmers in the Ritz’s penthouse pool with will.i.am followed by his hotel suite shindig and then the BET jam with Salt-n-Pepa on the last night. Aaaaand that’s why I need a nap RIGHT NOW.

+ Obama’s Girls

Last night was Obama’s night fo sho but he was backed up by a bevy of Hollywod beauties including Scarlett Johannson, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington. ScarJo got the youth vote pumped, Eva talked about tax breaks and Kerry demanded that we the people come together. Women’s reproductive rights and healthcare were a HUGE part of #DNC2012, so it’s no wonder these famous females were invited to amp up the proceedings. When POTUS took the stage after a rousing speech from VP BFF Joe Biden, he made plenty of appeals to Millenials by highlighting affordable education as the gateway to a better America and asking all of us to choose that future…by voting for him. Not sure about the rest of the country, but I know three A-list ladies who are definitely on Barry’s side.

+ Rockin’ the Vote!

Are young people gonna make this year’s election “fly like a G6?!” #WeWill! Will Obama be our Presidential “Rocketeer?” #WhoKnows. Watching Far East Movement perform their crazy huge hits (seriously trippy to hear ‘em live and not on radio repeat) at Rock the Vote’s youth voter throwdown on Tuesday definitely had me marinating on Millenial power in 2012. It was an all-day affair with Pringles poppin’ nonstop and Perez Hilton in da house to interview the artists who stopped by — like Lady DJ Mia Moretti and indie violinist Caitlin Moe. The stylish and talented duo played a rad set that had the whole crow ready to spin ‘n string the vote. RTV is working hard so we’re all heard this November, so hop on their bus (literally) and join the #wewill campaign!

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