C-c-c-check It Out: DJs For Obama!

Photos: (Getty)

2012 has been a crazy huge year for electronic dance music. MTV def got the memo — even adding an EDM Award at the upcoming VMAs for the first time ever  — and now it looks like the Oval Office felt those thumps in their chests, too. Meet DJs for Obama: DJ Cassidy, Steve Aoki (he’s even playing a special Rock the Vote gig at the Republican National Convention), DJ Rashida & others who are turning up the volume on President Obama’s 2012 bid!

Clearly, Barry’s campaign crew figured if Kanye West was gonna collab with Skrillex, they needed to add some mixmasters to their supporters lineup. Check out who’s dropping beats for the Democratic candidate:

I’ve witnessed 100,000 young neon-clad fans going bonker sauce for EDM artists and DJ’s alike at Electric Daisy Carnival NY and LV — I was there registering festival-goers for Spin the Vote, a special voter reg campaign aimed at this crew – so it makes sense that Obama would want to connect with this powerful group of music lovers. DJ Rashida explains, “Our platform is to a lot of young people. Knowing myself as a young person, I didn’t really know what the power of my vote was. No one should underestimate the impact they can have.”

And DJ Cassidy (who DJ’ed at President Obama’s Inauguration & Beyonce and Jay-Z’s wedding)  feels that commanding a DJ booth and politicking from a podium are way more similar that you might think: “DJ’ing is about motivation, celebration, inspiration. DJs are in front of so many crowds every night of all ages, races, genders. When you think about it, that’s what this election is all about: people from every background, race and creed joining together to celebrate what makes America great and all that Obama has done to make it even greater.”

What do y’all think of all this Baracking the beat? Looks like this political party is really heating up, so don’t be the lame-o hanging in the citizen #FAIL corner — get on the dance floor for democracy by taking Action below!

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