DJ Mia Moretti’s Volunteer Mix-Tape

Photo: Mia Moretti (Andrea LaBarge Mills)

You’ve got your workout playlist, your break-up playlist, your make-out playlist and your getting-ready-to-go-out playlist. Ready to add your give-back list to the mix?

Nightlife fixture Mia Moretti doesn’t just rework Katy Perry songs to critical acclaim or fill the dance floor at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding (though she does that, too); the 27-year old DJ also makes time for causes she cares about.

Tonight Moretti will take to her turntables at the Friends Without a Border “Passage to Angkor” Gala after-party, where a crowd of philanthropists will celebrate a night of successful fundraising benefiting Ankor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where hundreds of thousands of children have sought life-saving medical treatment in the post-genocide country. Since we couldn’t make it to the affair, we asked Moretti to put together a starter set of “songs to volunteer to.” Her selections — and her reasons behind them — are sure to get us off our butts and into action.

“Parade” by Justice

Mia says: “This song reminds us that somewhere in the world, something epic is happening, and it urges you to be a part of it. It’s a modern rock anthem that isn’t just dirty electro, it’s prog rock. It’s educated and grown up a little bit, but also remembers where it came from. Listen to this track and go do something important out there. Don’t go volunteer somewhere you’re not passionate about. Go start your own charity. Do something epic.”


“Love Is Real” by Theophilus London

Mia says: “Sometimes a small notion can go a long way. It only takes an hour out of your day to go help serve food at a soup kitchen, and without volunteers, many of these soup kitchens wouldn’t be able to stay operating. Show love is real and lend a hand one or two days a week. We are all on this earth together and everyone is connected. We all need a helping hand sometimes.”


“Liberation Day” by Ferras

Mia says: “‘Liberation Day’ is such a positive song about throwing out all your inhibitions and being completely free. If you think about all the time we waste worrying about the little things, it’s such a shame. Take a fraction of that time and energy and sign up to run a marathon to raise money for breast cancer. You will set yourself and someone you love free.”


“Home” by Edward Sharne & The Magnetic Zeros

Mia says: “There is no place like home, and knowing you have a place to call your own. Imagine all the families living without a place to call home. You can volunteer to build a home for Habitat [for Humanity] and give that peace of mind to another family.”


“Iron” by Woodkid

Mia says: “‘Iron’ is about being alone and on your own, but finding power to keep going. Even though the song has a sad undertone to it, I think it has a really positive, inspiring message about accepting your fate and fighting for what you want in life. Spread this message by volunteering at a treatment center or homeless shelter. You can help give hope back to someone that may have lost it.”

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take action

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