Adorable ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody Takes The Cake

Photo: (YouTube)

With precious hours left before potential power outages, East Coasters in Sandy’s path still have time for some online disaster prep: email friends and family, for example … or visit for FEMA insight … or watch the latest take on “Call Me Maybe,” providing endless hours of stuck-in-your-head entertainment while on lock-down…

Just when you thought every last angle had been exhausted, a crew of kids from Democracy Prep charter school in Harlem give the Carly Rae parody craze a bi-partisan twist — and it works. “If you’re gonna vote November 6, then put your hands up!” is the new “Before you came into my life I missed you so bad.”

President Obama already covered the hit (sorta … maybe), but since Romney hasn’t yet taken the cue to issue a Republican redux, Democracy Prep students cover both sides of the political fence. “Vote for Obama, or vote for Romney. It’s your civic duty! Vote for somebody!” Not even of voting age yet and these guys are engaged in the electoral process. Kinda makes ya wanna dance in your chair, doesn’t it?

And in case you were wondering: Yes, those are Korean subtitles in the video below. No there are no Korean students at Democracy Prep. The school’s founder, however, introduces American students to the values and culture that impressed him during a teaching stint in Korea.  Get your immersion on below — and in all seriousness, East Coasters, be safe in your pre-storm planning!

+Watch Democracy Prep Sing “Vote For Somebody.”