These Photos Prove That Demi Lovato Had The Best 21st Birthday. Ever.

Photo: (Free The Children)

Photo: (Free the Children)

Yesterday we told you all about Demi Lovato‘s exciting Me to We volunteer trip to Kenya to help Free the Children, and now some deets about the trip have been released … and more photos!

First starters, Demi shared a vid on Keek where she receives a birthday surprise in Africa:

Though she’s busy doing volunteer work like building a new school for Free the Children, Demi did feel the birthday love. Also, totally rando, but we like the new beads she’s wearing — they remind us of BeadforLife, another org that helps less fortunate people in Africa.


Photo: Are they singing “Heart Attack” or “Happy Birthday”? (Free the Children)


Photo: Homemade Bday cards are the best. (Free the Children)

Demi will be spending time hanging with local students and helping the community, so we can’t wait to  see even more photos. Her 21st born day is clearly one to remember forever and ever and ever, ever.


Photo: A sweet birthday hug! (Free the Children)

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