Dear ‘Faking It,’ Here Is Our Season 2 Wish List


The good news is officially out: “Faking It” has been renewed for a second season! Is this the perfect Pride Month news or what?!

In honor of the show’s renewal, we put together a list of the things we’d most like to see next season:

+ More LGBTQ Characters

Since this is our wish list, we’re officially putting the call out for more LGBTQ characters for next season. In fact, with shows like “Orphan Black” and “Orange is the New Black” featuring transgender characters on their shows, it makes sense “Faking It” could do the same.

+ More Lauren One-Liners

No one can deny that “Faking It” is a funny show, but the jury is still out about which character puts us in stitches the most. Is it Shane? Is it Amy’s parents? We’re definitely team Lauren on this one, so we hope next season brings more “I-can’t-believe-she-just-said-that” reactions thanks to Lauren’s one-liners.

+ A Real-Life Call-to-Action

We’d love to see a storyline on the show inspire teens in real life to take action. What if Karma, Amy, and all the Hester High students spend a night camping out at school to raise awareness about the homeless LGBTQ youth in America? We can see high school and college students all over the country taking their lead to raise awareness about the issue!

+ More Time With Karma’s Parents

Break out the kale suit, because we’re ready to see the people that raised one half of our favorite TV couple! We don’t care if they have to pull up to the school to read people’s auras again; we just want to see them on our TVs!

+ More Twin-teractions

Remember when Liam and Shane almost hooked up with some twins who were, um, a little too into each other? We can’t be the only ones who are wondering what happened to them, right? Maybe we’ll get our answer in season 2!

+ More Stories That Mirror Real Life

Sure, Hester High is our dream high school, but we’d love to see Karma, Amy, and all the LGBTQ students and allies deal with issues teens face IRL too. After all, being an LGBTQ teen isn’t all Homecoming Out parties and almost-threesomes with the second hottest guy in school. If teens and parents watching at home see these issues play out, they might be more likely to take action in their own communities.

What do you want to see next season on “Faking It”?

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