Zooey Deschanel Woke Up Like This + 4 Other Things You Oughta Know Today

+ Sheryl Sandberg Will Give Half a Billion to Charity

The Davos World Economic Forum 2014
Sheryl Sandberg leans in for women’s rights and women in the workplace, and she also leans in for charity! Facebook’s COO is worth a billion dollars, and she’s announced that she’s going to give at least half of it to charitable endeavors.

+ Planned Parenthood Head Honors Activists Against Sexual Assault

Nancy Pelosi Addresses 20th Annual Women's Leadership Forum

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, gave a commencement address at Barnard College where she applauded activists working against sexual assault on school grounds. Annie Clark and Andrea Pino co-founded End Rape on Campus and Richards said, “Today they’ve formed a national network of survivors, working with Congress and the White House to end campus sexual assault and demand justice.”

+ The Supreme Court Will Decide Immigration Case

May Day Protests

The Supreme Court will soon be ruling on the situation of young people who immigrated to America with their parents and “lost their places in the slow-moving immigration system because they turned 21 before their parents received their green cards.”

+ Zooey Deschanel Goes Natural

You can always go online or open a magazine and see celebs looking “perfect” because they’re all done up in makeup. This can sometimes make people feel bad, so Zooey Deschanel shared an image online of her without makeup, to show that no one wakes up looking straight out of a magazine. The pic soon went viral:

+ Justin Timberlake Slams Donald Sterling at Billboard Music Awards

Justin Timberlake won big at the Billboard Music Awards last night, and when it was time to give his official thanks, he said, “I want to thank everybody on Earth. Everybody on Earth … except … except Donald Sterling.” You heard the man.

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