SCOTUS Rules Against Buffer Zones That Protect Women + 5 Other Things to Know About Today

+ SCOTUS Rules Against Buffer Zones

Sometimes women’s health clinics have buffer zones to protect women and workers from violent anti-abortion protestors, some of whom have been known to do everything from kill doctors to stage acid attacks. Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled a clinic in Massachusetts could no longer have its 35 feet buffer zone, announcing that it infringed on the free speech of protestors. However, the buffer zones have been there to protect women from harassment and danger; people had been allowed to protest outside of the buffer zone. And more than one person has noted the irony that the Supreme Court protects itself from protestors by keeping a buffer zone around its 252 by 98 foot plaza.

+ “Daily Show” Discusses College Sexual Assault

+ Watch The Fault in Our Schools

“The Daily Show” likes to spread awareness about issues that matter, and in the midst of their jokes they give strong truths and point out ironies and hypocrisies. Recently Jon Stewart discussed the issue of sexual assault on campus, and how assaulters at James Madison University are being allowed to stay until graduation. Correspondents Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper take over to show what it’s like to be a woman in the world. Just one thing to point out, though: the news clip about 55 colleges being under investigation is dated. It’s now 63. Seriously.

+ F–k Yeah, Jenny Slate Is a Feminist

+ Watch Jenny Slate Says, “F–k Yeah I’m a Feminist”

We at MTV like asking people if they’re feminists. It’s our way of talking about feminism and showing how awesome it is. And when asked by MTV News about being a feminist, “Obvious Child” star Jenny Slate had the perf answer. “Am I a feminist? F–k yeah, I’m a feminist,” she said. “I think that unfortunately people who are maybe threatened by feminism think that it’s, you know, about like setting your bra on fire and being aggressive, and I think that’s really wrong and very dangerous…Feminism at its core is about equality.”

+ OMG, Taylor Swift’s Kitten!!!

If Taylor Swift’s new vid doesn’t make everyone go out and adopt a cat, I don’t know what else will. TayTay shared some footage of her new kitten sleeping in the most awkward yet somehow adorable position. Does anyone else have a song from “Big Bang Theory” running through their head now?

+ Olivia Wilde Hits Back at Sexist Writer

The Cinema Society And Revlon Host A Screening Of Sony Pictures Classics' "Third Person" - Arrivals

So a guy at Gentleman’s Quarterly thinks women can’t be both smart and sexy. Olivia Wilde plays a writer in her new film “Third Person,” and the reviewer scoffed the credibility of this, going on to say, “With that tush, who’d need to be literate? Who’d want to?” Jezebel called out GQ for its sexism, but it was Olivia who got in the last word:

+ Dogs and Puppies Saved From Puppy Mills

+ Watch 210 Dogs Rescued from a Puppy Mill in Canada

The Humane Society International just did a raid on a major puppy mill in Canada. The abused dogs are now thankfully in good hands, and this vid gives you an idea of the work HSI does and what needs to be done to help animals. They’re asking for donations to continue their mission, and always remember: if you’re going to get a dog or cat, don’t buy one — adopt one! That saves lives and helps bring an end to puppy mills like this one. And if you adopt a kitty or doggy, they might just fall asleep on you like Taylor Swift’s kitten.

Photo: (Feministe, Getty)

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