The NRA Wants To Change Elephant Hunting Laws + 2 Other Things to Know About Today

+ The NRA Wants To Change Elephant Hunting Laws

An African Safari

Killing elephants for their ivory may lead to the species’ extinction, which is why there has been a ban on importing new ivory into America. However, the Lawful Ivory Protection bills, which are backed by the NRA, seek to change that. On the surface, the bills are about allowing people to sell guns that have ivory (in other words, guns that were made before the new restrictions). But the bills also open the door for more trophy hunters. The NRA asked its followers to get their elected officials to support these bills, saying, “Your actions today may determine if the sale and trade of firearms that contain ivory, as well as the importation of sport-hunted elephants, will be banned.”

+ Body-Shaming the First Lady

The GRAMMY Museum's Jane Ortner Education Award Luncheon

Apparently no matter your body type, someone out there is going to body-shame you. On a segment of Fox News, psychiatrist Keith Ablow body-shamed Michelle Obama, saying the health-conscious First Lady “needs to drop a few.” It would seem like a psychiatrist would understand the kind of harm body-shaming like this can do for people’s self-esteem. You know what I’m saying?

+ Greenest Colleges


The Sierra Club has released its countdown of the most green colleges in the country. UC Irvine snatched the #1 spot, with the Sierra Club commenting, “In 2008, UC Irvine vowed to improve its energy efficiency by 20 percent by 2020, then hit that target seven years early, making it the first U.S. school to achieve that goal. Then administrators doubled down by pledging an additional 20 percent energy reduction by 2020. Helping the matter: three on-site solar power projects and a 19-megawatt cogeneration plant with turbines powered by combustion and steam. The school’s water-recycling program saves more than 210 million gallons per year.” Check out the list to see if your college is there. And if it’s not, maybe you can direct it to this site so it can jump on board and become a greener school!

Photo: (Getty, Sierra Club)

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