Nominate Yourself (Or Someone Else Awesome) For The CLASSY Awards

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Keep it classy! We here at Act are pretty stoked to say that we’re partners with the CLASSY Awards, which you could think of as the Academy Awards for philanthropists. The awards are being held this September and the time is right for you to get out there and nominate a charitable org, a kindhearted person you know, or a whole volunteer group. Actually, you can even nominate yourself if you meet the criteria as a volunteer or member of a charity group.

While the nominations are going, we have some other news for you. The CLASSY Awards Leadership Council has been announced and there are some fine people who will be determining the Stay Classy winners. Among the 30 members are Adam Braun, founder & executive director of Pencils of Promise (and his bro Scooter is Justin Bieber’s manager!), Adam Garone, CEO & co-founder of Movember, Yael Cohen, Founder of F Cancer and our very own bossman, Jason Rzepka, vice president of public affairs at MTV and occasional DJ.

More than 1,000 nominations have already rolled in, so going through them ought to keep these ladies and gentlemen quite busy. In fact, you can keep nominating until June 14, so hopefully they’ll be a lot more change-making names submitted by then. In the end, 16 awards are going to go out to categories like “Most Influential College Student Or Organization” and “Animal Advocacy and Services” (Cute baby animals! Awwwwww!) So get out there and nominate, it could be your good deed for the day!

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Stay Classy

Stay Classy

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