Christina Aguilera To Be Honored With ALMA Award For Work With Latino Community

Photo: (Getty)

Team Xtina stand up! Christina Aguilera, whose hot new single “Your Body” recently leaked online will receive the NCLR Special Achievement Award during the September 21st ALMA Awards ceremony. The award honors American Latinos who positively represent the demographic in entertainment and philanthropy.

Christina has sold over 30 million albums since her debut! As a pre-teen, I tried and tested many ways to replicate the sound effect on her voice in “Genie in a Bottle,” and found that singing into an empty toilet paper roll worked best. I was then grounded for the mounds of unraveled toilet paper my mother discovered on the bathroom floor. “But I just want to sound like Christinaaaaaa!”

While I’m busy killing the globe one roll of wasted TP at a time, Ms. Aguilera is busy saving it. From working as a UN Goodwill Ambassador against hunger to encouraging her Twitter followers to use their smart-phones to register to vote, she’s always up to something good…except for years ago, when she briefly went “Dirrty.” Let’s not get riled up, though. Even everybody’s favorite philanthropist, Angelina Jolie, had a rebellious phase!

Christina’s set to win her much-deserved award later next month. In the meantime, we’re staying glued to her Twitter account for sneak peeks at her “Your Body” music video.

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