Celebs Who Raise Awareness About Dating Abuse


February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, which means organizations like Love Is Respect and Break the Cycle are pulling out all the stops to make sure every teen knows that they deserve healthy, loving relationships.

It’s not just organizations that are stepping up to educate young people about the realities of dating abuse and partner violence, however. Some of our favorite celebs have been working tirelessly to make sure their young fans know they’ve got their backs.

Here are just a few of the celebs raising awareness about dating abuse:

+ Mariska Hargitay


As Detective Olivia Benson on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” Mariska Hargitay has been taking down perpetrators of sexual violence for years. Last year, however, Hargitay dedicated even more time to fighting for victims in real life. With the launch of the NO MORE campaign, the actress is making sure people everywhere know the realities of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

+ Amy Poehler


She’s one funny woman, but Amy Poehler knows how serious dating abuse is. When Mariska Hargitay put out the call to her famous friends to help spread the word about NO MORE, Poehler joined the fight and filmed a PSA for the movement.

+ Watch the “NO MORE” PSA

+ Lucy Hale


It’s no secret that we love the work Lucy Hale is doing with mark. When she’s not busy filming her hit TV show, this “Pretty Little Liars” star is making sure her young fans know that dating abuse isn’t something they have to accept.

+ Sir Patrick Stewart


Sir Patrick Stewart grew up witnessing the abuse his mother suffered at the hands of his father, and ever since then the actor has dedicated his time to spreading awareness about violence against women. If you haven’t already seen this video of Stewart’s moving response to an audience member thanking him for his work, you need to stop what you’re doing and watch it ASAP.

+ Watch  Sir Patrick Stewart’s Moving Speech

+ Gabrielle Union


Ever since she was assaulted when she was a teenager, Gabrielle Union has been speaking out about violence against women. In fact, President Obama even invited the actress to be a member of his National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women. Union is still working to spread the word about the issue; earlier this month, she Tweeted:

+ Joe Biden


Vice President Joe Biden teamed up with President Obama and professional athletes to spread the message that “1 Is 2 Many.” Along with Eli Manning, Jeremy Lin and David Beckham, Biden made a commitment to help reduce violence against women.

+ Halle Barry


Halle Berry experienced domestic abuse as a child when she watched her mother being abused. Now the Oscar-winning actress speaks out against violence and often volunteers with organizations that support the cause.

+ Tim McGraw & Faith Hill


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have spoken out against domestic abuse, and McGraw was honored for the work he has done to fundraise for the cause in Atlanta. He’s even kicked men out of his shows when he sees them mistreating women.

+ Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are a talented duo that is working to protect women all over the world. Urban made an oath with White Ribbon Campaign in Australia to stop violence against women, and Kidman is a UN Development Fund for Women goodwill ambassador who has promoted ending domestic violence against women.

+ Megan Fox


Megan Fox teamed up with the Avon Foundation’s #SeetheSigns campaign to urge people to watch out for warning signs of domestic violence. The actress reminded her fans that, “Without conversations, the issue of domestic violence remains hidden.”

Want to get involved with Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month? See how you can raise awareness about Respect Week and It’s Time to Talk Day.

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