Celebrate Your Birthday The Kardashian Way

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

By Amber Belus

If there’s one way to get in with the K-clan, it’s by giving back! Instead of gifts, Kylie Jenner had partygoers from her sweet-16 bash bring unwrapped toys to donate to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

She also had Big Sean and Drake perform at her b-day, NBD. Kylie’s BF Jaden Smith and friends like Hailee Stanfield and Naya Rivera showed up as well. Despite it being a star-studded affair, we love that she wasn’t high-maintenance when it came to gifts, à la “My Super Sweet Sixteen.”

Photo: Kylie gets a born-day kiss from Drizzy. (Instagram)


And if you remember, big sis Kendall Jenner had her sweet-16 guests donate to the same hospital — and Kim Kardashian reportedly asked for donations to a Chicago hospital instead of baby gifts for daughter North West.

So how can YOU donate your birthday to charity? We found four ways to give back and feel good on your special day!

+ Charity: Water

This organization has a great reason for you to share your birthday — to ensure that more people around the world receive clean water. There are 800 million people without clean drinking water, and you can donate your birthday to see that number go down!

+ Charity Birthday

Here you get all the say, as you should on your birthday! All you do is set up a page where family and friends can make a donation in your name to the charity of your choice. Their most popular orgs include UNICEF, Action Against Hunger and ASPCA.

+ Facebook

Yes, even our favorite social-media mogul has a way to make gifts even more meaningful. Facebook has the option, when you wish your friends a happy birthday, to send a Starbucks card, Magnolia cupcakes and other gifts. We know you usually X out of the option, but in there, if you scroll down, you can donate to a cause in honor of your friend! Some of the charities include Girls Inc. and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We’re all on there anyway, and who doesn’t have a few extra bucks for a good cause?

+ Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

OK, if you really want to keep up with the Kardashians, then donate to the same org that the fam donates to — Children’s Hospital Los Angeles! It’s a nonprofit pediatric medical center that provides 97,000 children with health care. Call the hospital to see what they need — but on their site, they suggest donating everything from artwork to toys.

Would you ever donate your birthday to charity? We want to know!

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Donate Your B-Day

Donate Your B-Day

Donate your birthday to Charity: Water and help bring clean water to people who need it!

take action

Children’s Hospital L.A.

Children’s Hospital L.A.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles provides 97,000 children with health care. Donate toys to the nonprofit hospital.