Celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday + Help End Slavery

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If he were still around, Abraham Lincoln would be turning 204 (!!!) today. It’d be understandable if you thought slavery’s been history for nearly as long – after all, we’ve all heard plenty about the Emancipation Proclamation and when Lincoln freed the slaves. Today, though, there are an estimated 27 million slaves worldwide — more than during Lincoln’s time — with incidences of sex and labor trafficking reported in all fifty states.

Today, take action in honor of President Lincoln and help free some modern-day slaves.

+ Go Inside The Backstory

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Modern-day slavery looks a lot different than slavery in Lincoln’s day. The Backstory, an interactive video experience created by mtvU’s Against Our Will Campaign, lets you go inside the backstories of modern-day sex and labor trafficking victims. Find out what you would do if you knew a victim, and take a stand to help end modern-day slavery.

+ Support Survivors On Valentine’s Day

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Lincoln’s birthday isn’t the only notable date this week. Combine do-good action on modern-day slavery with Valentine’s Day by supporting anti-trafficking organizations. Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS) provides support to New York-based survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. Today’s the last day that you can send a GEMS Valentine’s Day card to a loved one for a donation of just $10. Free the Slaves, an organization that works to liberate slaves around the world, is also doing an e-Valentine’s Day card donation drive.

+ Learn How To Talk About It

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Starting to plan Spring Break with your friends? Take a look at these tips first. They’ll give you some advice on handling awkward situations, ranging from friends who want to go to a strip club to being at a club when a song about pimps comes on.

take action

Go inside The Backstory

Go inside The Backstory

What if someone you knew ended up in modern-day slavery? Go inside the Backstory to find out and take action.

take action

Visit Against Our Will

Visit Against Our Will

Get the facts on modern slavery. Check out the mtvU Against Our Will website.