Trippin’ on Twitter: Ashton Kutcher, Rihanna & Other Tweets Gone Wrong

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It’s never fun when you funk up your feed with a major mistweet — but when a celeb gets “foot-in-phone” syndrome, their social media screw-ups get blasted by millions of rabid re-tweeters faster than you can type “#WTF.” We’re talkin’ ‘bout you Ashton Kutcher and your Penn State and Village Voice Twitter snafus.

For all you future Twitterati out there, Act has pulled together a cautionary tale of famous #FTL moments from some of the biggest handles on the interwebz – so check out the list below and make sure to avoid a personal Fail Whale the next time you take to the Twitosphere.

LeAnn Rimes
The down-home diva had already gotten lots of negative press for allegedly cheating on her former hubby with former co-star Eddie Cibrian (they eventually got hitched) but the public got even more riled up when the country singer posted this twitpic while honeymooning with her new hubs:

There’s no doubt that Rimes is looking even tinier than her itty-bitty bikini in this shot. The amazing shrinking waists of Hollywood’s starlets is an intense hot-or-not topic — and while we sincerely hope that Lady LeAnn is eating her Wheaties, it can’t be denied that her skinny snapshots sparked this important debate around the impact of media on body image among girls.

At Act, we’re all about lovin’ what our mamas gave us, which is why we dig the Dove Real Beauty campaign and their continued support of programs that boost girls’ self-esteem – so check ‘em out!

+ 50 Cent
Last year, after several LGBT teen suicides were reported in the news, 50 tweeted this foul-mouthed message:

Jigga what? And that tweet came after a public feud with Perez Hilton that resulted in this homophobic rant:

Pretty harsh words but on the flipside he recently tweeted his support for the OMA’s record-breaking Dance Marathon, which raised money for orgs fighting the bullying of LGBT youth – including GLAAD (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), one of the groups that publicly shamed the hip-hop mogul for his terrible tweets.

Clearly, Curtis Jackson is full of contradictions – and it’s probably why he’ such a fascinating artist. But there’s no excuse for hate. We just hope Fifty continues on his current pro-social path, so show your support for the reformed rapper by checking out The Trevor Project, which focuses on suicide prevention of LGBT youth.

Kanye West
Ye is like pop’s Ambassador of Media Mayhem – constantly stirring up trouble with his cray antics and outbursts. Earlier this year, he posted this tasteless take on safe sex and abortion on his feed:

When Twitter erupted in critical retweets – including Lily Allen, who had suffered a miscarriage and was personally pissed off with the rapper’s ridiculous comments – West just said, “It ain’t happen to me but I know people.”

Yeezy might want to get his Act together – so we suggest the rapper take some time reading up on the reality of protecting yourself with the resources at It’s Your Sex Life.

+ Justin Bieber
Back in 2010, Biebz was the reason for one dude’s horrible, no good, very bad day. Detriot teen, Kevin Kristopik, made the mistake of messing with the pop prince when he hacked into one of JB’s buddy’s Twitter accounts in an attempt to get a hold of the teen heartthrob’s number. Uh oh.

So Justin decided to fight digital fire with an internet inferno: he unleashed the power of the Beliebers by tweeting the hapless kid’s number and asking his faithful fan army to call and text “him.” Needless to say, Kevin’s phone basically imploded with love-sick tween messages.

Biebz was certainly justified in being ticked off – but was this cyber stunt the best way to handle the hack? Digital drama can go double OC in no time, and being bullied online is no laughing matter – which is exactly why MTV launched The Digital Rights Project. Never say never, but maybe next time JB will consider his interwebz impact before lashing out online.

Lil Bow Wow
Rap’s runt barked up the wrong tree when he dweeted this after an especially celebratory New Years 2010:

Translation: Lil Bow Wow was tipsy when he left Miami’s LIV nightclub in his Lamborghini and suggested his co-pilot, Chris Brown, take over driving privileges.

The hip-hop kid did manage to post this retraction for his sloshed social media faux pas:

While LBDubs escaped the wrath of the Miami po-po, his mami was a different story. She took to Twitter to put some parental control on his feed frenzy – and the family feud that ensued is pretty hilar.

But for real, driving drunk is not funny. In Florida alone, 30% of traffic deaths are DUI-related. So that’s why Lil Bow Wow should sign this pledge from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to eliminate drunk driving. Perhaps he’ll do it before NYE 2012 rolls around.

Chris Brown
Judging by his Twitter tirades of the past, pop’s volatile virtuoso really needed to take a chill pill. When he visited a Wal-Mart in Wallingford, Conn. and couldn’t find a copy of his Graffitti CD back in 2009, he went berserk and aired his complaints for the world to see:

Turns out that Wally World had just sold out of copies and the mad MC had flown off the handle, on his handle, for nothing.

And then late in 2010, CB and Raz-B got into a bitter Twitter blowout that was chock full of hateful homophobic remarks (didn’t they learn their lesson from Fifty?!) when the former B2K member brought up Brown’s disrespect of Rihanna.

If these two hip-hop stars really wanted to show their commitment to healthy relationships and dating, they should have skipped their Twittacks and focused their efforts on supporting orgs like Love Is Respect instead.

+ Rihanna
If you ruffle RiRi’s feathers, things get reaaaaaaal.

Just ask Ciara. Back in February, she made some unsavory remarks about the super-fly songstress to Joan Rivers on E!’s Fashion Police, saying she “wasn’t the nicest” when they ran into each other at a party.

So Rihanna decided to hit back online at her fellow diva with this message:

Ouch! Then Ciara feistily fired back:

Which prompted Rihanna to deliver the final Twitter TKO:

On that day, these girls were made of nothing but spice. Luckily, RiRi felt some regret and blasted out this apology:

We hate that it ever had to get to this point with these two uber talented ladies – with all the odds stacked against modern women, we gotta stick together! Instead of tearing each other down, we think Rihanna and Ciara should join forces to promote awesome causes that empower their fellow females, like the UN’s Girl Up campaign.

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