Yup, Cats Are Helping To Disguise Booze

Photo: (Booze Cats)

Young party people covering evidence of their  wild nights out have an unlikely new ally in CatPaint — or any variation thereof.

Got caught at a kegger? Cover it with a kitten.

Got snapped getting tipsy? Cover it with a kitten.

Got busted going bottoms up? You get the picture.

A handful of apps give photo-happy Facebook posters a way to hide bottles and glasses with pictures of cats. If you see images of friends who seem to be toasting with a stray or puckering up to some disproportionately easy-to-handle feline, now you know why. It’s clever and funny, and though parents aren’t likely to be fooled now that the cat is out of the bag (so to speak, har, har), it’s a harmless way for college kids (for example) to keep PG on FB.

That said — a few things to consider:

+Everyone will still know what you’re doing — and not just parents. Remember, potential employers are trolling your social networks these days, too. CatPaint does not make you invisible.

+A need to cover up your drinking could be problematic. Are you drinking smart? Use the Rethinking Drinking tool to calculate your intake’s impact.

+Are you compulsively covering up? Recognizing there are far too many cats in your album? Know your limits. Visit Half of Us for info on alcohol abuse and dependency.

+Use sparingly. Do not abuse the cuteness. Cats have feelings too, you know.


What are your thoughts on this cat covering booze craziness? Let us know in the poll below!

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Drink Smarter

Drink Smarter

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Know Your Limits

Know Your Limits

Have the cover-ups gone too far? Get help from Half of Us.