Sweet Tweet: ‘Catfish’ Is All-New, and Nev’s Tweets All Need To Be Read

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The new season of “Catfish” started last night, and we hope you caught the first “OMG — did that really happen?” episode. But we also hope you get a chance to catch Nev Schulman’s Tweets, because he often has words of wisdom in them.

Nev Tweeted:


In a lot of ways, this is a pretty typical Nev tweet. It’s vague, but inspiring. And there can be a plus to it being vague — you can take it and use it for a bunch of different things in your life. You know, maybe this could be about school or career. You want to go really far, but you always have to start out small and keep building up. It could be about following your dreams, whatever they are. You go step by step to make it happen.

MTV Act loves to highlight young dreamers and doers who get things done in the worlds of charity and philanthropy. We love young activists, and young activists can def take Nev’s words to heart. When you want to make the world a better place, it can look sooo overwhelming. But it is true that people can make a difference. And how do we do it? Well, usually by starting small and building. You can’t expect everything to change in a single day, but if you do a little something each day, that will add up.

So there ya have it: more words of wisdom from Nev Schulman, neatly packaged in a 140 character limit. How does he do it?

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