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Reasons Why Ashley Tisdale Will Make An Awesome Wifey

It seems like just yesterday, Ashley Tisdale was rockin’ pink, bejazzeled everything on “High School Musical.” Now the Disney star is all grown up and engaged to rocker Christopher French. We’re positive the ‘Tis will be the B.W.E. (best wife ever). Here’s why:

2 years ago

5 Good-Karma Summertime Activities

The day July turned to August, I saw countless sad Tweets about how summer is almost over. Seriously, guys? We still have a whole MONTH left of summer, at least! Which leaves us with plenty of time to do these awesome, good-karma-filled summertime activities.

2 years ago

An Online Gamer Takes Her Love Offline On ‘Catfish’

On tonight’s episode of “Catfish,” we meet Jennifer, a girl who found acceptance online after being continuously bullied offline. She’s been chatting with “Skylar,” another member of her virtual community, for a while now, but the two have never met or even video chatted. Ready to move forward, Jennifer enlists Nev and Max to help her discover whether or not Skylar is the real deal.

2 years ago