Alibis, Lies + Girls On The Side On Tonight’s ‘Catfish’

On tonight’s episode of “Catfish,” we meet Dorion, a young man who is torn between an online relationship with a girl named Jeszica, and an offline relationship with a girl named Raffinee. Although Dorian and Raffinee live together, he feels the need to meet Jeszica in order to make the right choice between the two.

9 months ago

Khloe Kardashian Paints + Saves Elephants!

Last night’s ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ was filled with plenty of drama (Kim finally resolved that divorce), a trip to Greece and my FAVE moment — Khloe talking to Kris about her passion for animals!

9 months ago

Naya Rivera Says ‘No’ To After-Prom Sex

One look at the beautiful Naya Rivera, and you’d assume she had the most amazing high school experience ever, but that wasn’t the case for the “Glee” actress, who recently shared her prom horror story with Complex magazine. On top of making fun of her weight and dancing with other girls all night, her tactless date was insistent upon having after-prom sex, and Naya was so not havin’ it.

9 months ago

Self-Esteem + Body Image on ‘Catfish’

Last night’s episode of “Catfish” featured the sad but entertaining story of two people who are very much in love — or at least think they are — but are struggling with self-esteem issues and difficult personal situations.

10 months ago