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Justin Timberlake Takes Back The Night, And You Should Too!

Justin Timberlake is taking back the music industry with his new single “Take Back The Night” — a disco-twerkin’ hybrid off of his forthcoming ’20/20 Experience Part 2 of 2′ album. Do a little chair dance while you stream the track, then check out how to make sure you don’t wake up wanting to “Take Back The Night” this weekend!

1 year ago

How To Have A Melodic (But Not) Chaotic ‘Summer Fling’

First, let’s talk about how much cooler Willow Smith is than we were at 12. Next, let’s talk about her new project, Melodic Chaotic, and their chilled-out first single “Summer Fling.” Watch a bunch of middle-school hipsters jump around on a trampoline, then check out how to make sure your summer flings don’t bring anything unwanted into the fall.

1 year ago