‘Bey Good’: Beyonce Leads By Example

Reason number 1,456,039 why we love Beyonce: the sweet vid she posted on Tumblr last night. Set to “Love On Top,” the video features the billionaire beauty interacting with fans of all types, promoting a message of love and acceptance.

12 months ago

Ben Batfleck? Sure, Why Not!

Ben Affleck has always been a real-life superhero, but the Oscar-winning actor is taking his superpowers to the silver screen in 2015, in a Warner Brothers film bringing Batman and Superman together. Affleck will play Batman, frenemy to Henry Cavill’s Superman.

12 months ago

Don’t Recognize The Name Antoinette Tuff? Read This Now.

Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, an elementary school in Georgia, might have gone down in history as the location of another terrible school shooting. Instead, the school is now in the news for the heroism of Antoinette Tuff, who stopped a school shooting from taking place.

12 months ago