Selfless Snaps: LeAnn Rimes Gives an “F” About Bullying

If we wanted to describe LeAnn Rimes with words that begin with “f,” we’d start with fabulous or fun. Earlier in the week, however, the singer stepped out on behalf of an anti-bullying movement, which means there’s a better word to describe this crooner: friend.

10 months ago

Selena Gomez Gets The Best News Ever

Selena Gomez has done a lot of amazing things, but she has never had a No. 1 single … until now! Her catchy tune “Come & Get It” just topped the Billboard charts, and guys, her reaction to the news is so. freakin’. adorable.

10 months ago

Tips For ‘Standing On The Sun’ With Beyoncé

A full version of Beyoncé’s H&M theme song, “Standing On The Sun,” leaked online yesterday, and it’s a fiery summer anthem perfect for, well … standing in the sun. ‘Tis the season to pool party, but before you go standing in the sun while listening to “Standing On The Sun,” here are a few quick tips on solar safety.

10 months ago