Love Is Louder Soundchecks The Haters

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed there’s been a ton of negative noise in the digital space this week. To amplify the positive and tune down the negative, the Love is Louder team put out a call to action asking fans to take a #loveislouder soundcheck before posting online.

7 months ago

‘Bey Good’: Beyonce Leads By Example

Reason number 1,456,039 why we love Beyonce: the sweet vid she posted on Tumblr last night. Set to “Love On Top,” the video features the billionaire beauty interacting with fans of all types, promoting a message of love and acceptance.

8 months ago

You’ll Never Guess Where Ke$ha Found Her Kitten [VIDEO]

You probably know a lot about Ke$ha after watching her “My Crazy Beautiful Life” MTV docu-series, but do you know she found her pet cat at a strip club?! We recently sat down with the pop superstar to chat about Animal love, and just how she saved that poor kitty, “Pretty Woman” style.

8 months ago