ACT-OFF! Battle of the Reunited Supergroups, *NSYNC + Destiny’s Child

I’m 89% sure that 2013 is stuck inside of some sort of black hole time warp that leads directly back to the early 2000s. How else can you explain *NSYNC performing at the VMAs and Destiny’s Child’s epic Super Bowl reunion? But let’s quit it with the conspiracy theories and get to the more important stuff: Which supergroup’s super moves have you dancin’ at your desk?

1 year ago

Taylor Swift Does 3 Good Deeds In Philly

Taylor Swift really is America’s sweetheart. The 23-year-old superstar recently took the time out of her “Red” tour to visit with patients at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. And that’s not all!

1 year ago

Beyonce Knows “A Change Is Gonna Come” To Bankrupt Detroit

Beyonce knows “A Change Is Gonna Come” to Detroit, which filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy projection last Thursday after falling into debt of $18 billion to $20 billion. While in Michigan on her “Mrs. Carter World Tour,” Beyonce paid tribute to the Motor City with a beautiful rendition of Sam Cooke’s motivational tune.

1 year ago

Bey On Balance + How To Put Your Health On Top

Haters gon’ hate, and this week, they’re hatin’ on Beyonce. Many are upset with Bey’s $50 million Pepsi endorsement deal, which they say conflicts with the health-conscious Let’s Move fitness campaign she fronted for Michelle Obama a couple years back. To this we say: “You must not know ‘bout B, you must not know ‘bout B!”

1 year ago