Beyonce Knows “A Change Is Gonna Come” To Bankrupt Detroit

Beyonce knows “A Change Is Gonna Come” to Detroit, which filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy projection last Thursday after falling into debt of $18 billion to $20 billion. While in Michigan on her “Mrs. Carter World Tour,” Beyonce paid tribute to the Motor City with a beautiful rendition of Sam Cooke’s motivational tune.

2 years ago

Change 25,000 Women’s Lives…With A Text Message! and entrepreneurial crowd-funding website Kiva have teamed up to make texting about more than just LOLs and WTFs. Through their new campaign, 25,000 Women, your texts can help female entrepreneurs in Kenya, Mongolia, El Salvador, Pakistan, and the Philippines get their businesses off the ground.

2 years ago

How Dress For Success Changed My Life

Tamara Bullock knew that life was valuable, that she mattered and that she deserved the opportunity to succeed. In her own words, she writes about her painful and inspiring journey of getting to this mindset.

2 years ago