5 Good-Karma Summertime Activities

The day July turned to August, I saw countless sad Tweets about how summer is almost over. Seriously, guys? We still have a whole MONTH left of summer, at least! Which leaves us with plenty of time to do these awesome, good-karma-filled summertime activities.

12 months ago

Go To Paradise With Cody Simpson [VIDEO]

16-year-old Aussie sensation Cody Simpson just released the cover to his upcoming book, “Welcome to Paradise, My Journey.” Naturally, when he popped into our office, we just had to ask the singer, songwriter, and now, author, about who he’d bring to “Paradise,” and what he’s doing to make the world a paradise for people in need.

12 months ago

We Think We Know What Rihanna Is Crying About…

Rihanna was moved to tears during a recent “Diamonds” world tour performance in France. So overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from her fans, she just couldn’t help herself. Either that, or someone in the front row whipped out a phone and flashed her one of these moving Instagram pics.

1 year ago