‘Call Me Maybe’ Covers That Kick A** & Give Back

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Hey, we’ve seen a crap-ton, and this is crazy — but we still love these pop parodies of “Call Me Maybe.” All the other covers try to chase us, but here’s our list of the best, so check it out maybe?

Okaaaay, had to do that. But seriously, the Youtube pandemonium around Carly Rae Jepsen’s song of the summer is straight out of control — from Barack Obama (y’all picked it!) to Katy Perry, everyone wants a piece of this silly lip sync action. So we decided to grab five of our fave covers that feature activist artists or tie into some worthy cause — so get your scroll on and enjoy these truly feel-good spoofs!

+ Corgi Rae Jepsen

The furry love triangle in this vid perfectly mirrors the lawn-cuttin’ lust in the human version — and it’s too doggone cuuuute. I challenge you to try not to lolz while watching this lil shepherd-crazy pooch rollin’ around in a tub of suds. But many of our four-legged friends don’t have starring roles in adorbs YouTubery, so pitch in to help homeless dogs and cats with The Humane Society.

+ Abercrombie & Fitch Hunks

There is a reason it’s called ABercrombie — just watch this international display of ripped Fitch manflesh doing their thang to Carly Rae’s diddy. And we ain’t sayin’ that the only way to get some digits is stripping down to your “Magic Mike” 6-pack, it couldn’t hurt to use this man boob mash-up as inspiration to get in serious shape. With America’s childhood obesity rates tripling over the past three decades, it’s time we work it — so get pumped up with this parody and check out our fit First Lady’s Let’s Move! project.

+ fun.

This band is BLOWING up with anthemic awesomeness. Starting with the blare-the-radio-and-roll-down-the-car-windows hit, “We Are Young” and followed up by the equally epic “Some Nights” — these boys are giving Carly Rae a run for her money on the airwaves. Yup, you can’t help but totally sweat their acoustic rendition of her megahit. Think you’ve got the music chops to be the next big star to serve up a “Call Me Maybe” cover? Check out YoungArts — the nation’s premiere org for teens seeking creative careers in music, dance, art and more. And the org has proven success: Nicki Minaj was a part of it back in the day!

+ OKC Thunder, “Call Me KD”

Don’t get too excited — Kevin Durant did not grab the mic for this one. But it is a super fun fan parody cheering on the upstart franchise as they take on another weather-themed team, the star-studded Miami Heat, in this year’s NBA Finals. Although KD does get the main billing in this version, the catchy remake also name drops other Thunder standouts like James Harden (who also inspired “Beard Like Harden”) and shows how stoked the Okie nation is about their eclectic crew of ballers. We’re not revealing our series pick — but Act is def rooting for the Thunder’s community game. The Midwest team has supported the City Rescue Mission for four seasons, so for their Finals Legacy Project they opened a new NBA Cares Learn & Play Center at a Oklahoma City homeless shelter.

+ Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez & Co.

The viral vid that started it all. Biebz signed the unknown Carly Rae after hearing her effervescent pop perfection on Canuck radio and he knew the best way to send the song into the stratosphere was a silly sing-a-long with his crew of tween Tiger Beaters. 42 million views and counting, it’s clear JB knows how to create a mutha of a meme. And we’re glad he’s so cyber savvy because he has a long list of causes and orgs — including Pencils of Promise, Make-A-Wish, local food banks, anti-bullying, ending texting while driving and more. Plus his gorge gf is busy giving props to UNICEF.

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