PUSH For Individuality: Breathe Carolina On Doing Your Own Thang

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When I think about Denver during this time of the year, I picture sunny ski slopes and perfect, powdery snow. And even though the city is known as Menver,  I think Brawny, mountain men not swagged out, punk-ish, skater boy singers. But heeeeey that’s where David Schmitt and Kyle Even, the duo behind Breathe Carolina, hail from. Their breakout song, “Blackout,” about a cray cray night out, premiered on Buzzworthy over the summer and gained traction all over the place. And now?! They’re MTV’s PUSH Artist of the Week!

“It’s hard to describe our music, it’s so many different kinda things put in together…it’s electronic, it’s dance-y, it’s crazy, pop-y, it’s just a big storm,” explained David. It’s definitely a storm I’d like to stay in and twirl around and what not. Since we’re giving them props on MTV this week, we here at Act talked to the guys about a message or cause they’d like to PUSH: encouraging young people to do their our own thang.

“If you’re happy with yourself, you’re successful…follow your dreams, you know? Everyone says that but it’s really a hard thing to actually do,” an honest David said. In the video below, watch the Breathe Carolina boys talk more dreams (it’s not cliche, we promise) and while you’re at it, find out how a dream Dave had became the name of the band!

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