‘Boy Meets World’ Turns 20 – Where Are Our Favorite Kids Now?

Photo: (Getty)

Photos: (Getty)

Can you believe it’s been two decades since “Boy Meets World” premiered on TGIF?!  Today, we’re celebratin’ Corey, Shawn, Topanga and the gang, on TV and in real life.

+ Ben Savage Graduated From Stanford 


Ben may have played naive on “Boy Meets World,” but he’s far from it in real life. The now 32-year-old actor graduated from Stanford University back in ’04 with a degree in political science. It’s rare for child stars to make the switch from entertainment to education, so we applaud Ben’s choice to Get Schooled — pretty much at the height of his celebrity. Ben was also a member of Sigma Chi fraternity, where I once beat him at a game of beer pong (true story).

+ Rider Strong Cares About World Hunger


Rider Strong, a.k.a. Corey Matthew’s BFF Shawn Hunter, recently set an online bully straight the right way. “Of things 2 make you question this world, I’d put starvation higher,” he replied after an unruly Tweeter asked, “Who names their child Rider Strong? What is this world coming to?” Rider should link up with the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign, an initiative that questions why so many people are starving if there’s enough food in the world to go around.

+ Danielle Fishel


If you grew up in the ’90s, chances are you either wanted to be or be with Danielle Fishel’s “Boy Meets World” character Topanga Lawrence. Danielle’s book, “Girl Gets Real,” teaches young girls to stand up for themselves, love their bodies, and just generally be happy with who they are. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this,” she wrote. “There’s no rule book when it comes to growing up. So this is not a worldly advice book. Rather, it’s a chance for me to share some of my life’s experiences — and perhaps from that you’ll discover how similar our worlds really are.”

+ Will Friedle


Will Friedle, who played Corey’s cute but sometimes dim-witted big bro Eric, knows the importance of staying positive no matter where life leads you. “Eric could be the director of the CIA,” he said of his character’s possible role in the upcoming “Girl Meets World” spinoff, or he could be living in an alley somewhere. You just never know with Eric, but I can tell you, whatever Eric is doing right now, he’s got a huge smile on his face.”

+ William Daniels


If there was anything we learned from William Daniels character Mr. Feeny, it was of the importance of education, and of asking for and accepting help when we need it. Mr. Feeney mentored Corey and the gang for many years, offering guidance, advice, and a metaphorical kick in the butt whenever the kids got out of hand. Remember: it’s totally okay to ask for help, whether it’s from friends, family, teachers, or a licensed professional. Check out Half Of Us below if you or a friend is in need of a lil Mr. Feeny-like guidance.

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