Beyonce Wants YOU To Define ‘Pretty’ [Exclusive]


Time magazine’s most influential person of 2014 is using her power wisely. Beyoncé is asking fans to reclaim beauty with the inspiring new campaign #WhatIsPretty.

We know that nobody is truly flawless, but Beyoncé “I woke up like this” Knowles comes pretty close. Back in December when she dropped her fifth studio album at midnight, fans freaked out and put her instant hits on repeat. Today, Beyoncé is finally debuting her video for “Pretty Hurts,” and she’s launching a new campaign along with it to prove that real beauty is key.

+ Watch Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts”

Bey turned out a lot of hits from this album, but it was clear from the start that “Pretty Hurts” was resonating with fans in a big way. Remember our playlist of covers? It seemed as though every artist wanted a chance to add his or her own haunting spin to the song.

+ Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Video of ‘Pretty Hurts

In her new video, Beyoncé is seen competing against other gorgeous girls in a beauty pageant. In our exclusive behind the scenes clip, the singer shared that the video represents “all of the things women go through to keep up with the pressure that society puts on us.” She knows “some of the things young women go through,” and it’s “really heartbreaking” for her. This video was a chance to show that it’s important to find “that thing in the world that makes you truly happy.”

Melina Matsoukas, the powerhouse Beyoncé tapped to direct the video, agrees. In her opinion, the concept behind the video was “really a behind-the-scenes look into society’s take on beauty and how it doesn’t bring you happiness and it doesn’t move you forward in life.”  In the end, it’s all about “inner beauty and substance.”

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Now that the official video is live, Beyoncé is inviting fans to take part in a new digital campaign called “What Is Pretty?” Fans of the song and artist will have a chance to define “pretty” on their own terms. Using the hashtag #WhatIsPretty, you can share what defines “pretty” to you.  The content will be uploaded to the “What Is Pretty?” site, and at the end of each week, the site will premiere an edited video that promotes the fan content.

As Sheryl Sandberg said in her Time magazine piece about Beyonce, “Beyoncé doesn’t just sit at the table. She builds a better one.”

Want to participate in the “What Is Pretty?” campaign? Just go to your social media sites and share what you think “pretty” means.

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How do you define pretty? Upload a photo or video to Instagram tagged #WhatisPretty that captures what the word means to you.

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